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Mehadrin Kosher restaurant in Raanana, offering a menu of starters, salads, pasta, meat and more.
Find on Luzzatto’s menu:

Mushroom and chorizo risotto – Chorizo sausages on a bed of porcini truffle and Portobello mushrooms risotto.

Scaloppini veal with mushrooms and lemon – Beef cut in mushroom and lemon marinade, stock, parsley and white wine.

Green salmon linguini – olive oil, fresh salmon, zucchini, broccoli, green beans, celery, green onions, basil and parsley.

Luzzatto papperdelle – Beef fillet cuts, cherry tomatoes, garlic confit, mushrooms, red wine and beef stock.

Luzzatto offers a lunch deal, as well as personal service for all of our clients.



Every dish in Luzzatto was made with broad thought and with great love for the Italian cuisine.
Luzzatto Restaurant offers a rich and unique menu that is especially tempting.



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Ahuza 77 Raanana


Opening Hours:Sun-Thur, Saturday 19:00-23:00

sivan shuv-ami 57

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